NatureMaker® is an American Studio that specializes in the design and handcrafted construction of both photorealistic and abstract Steel Art Tree™ sculptures. Founded in 1983 by renowned naturalist/sculptor, Bennett Abrams and businessperson/visionary Gary Hanick, NatureMaker’s high profile installations are found in museums, airports, galleries, restaurants, hotels, medical centers, and bespoke properties around the country and across the globe.

NatureMaker’s amazing team of professionals continue their decades-long quest to influence ecological art and design, while inspiring and training the next generation of artists. Their unrelenting and passionate pursuit of excellence is clearly evident in the detail, texturing, and subtle use of shading and color that define each of NatureMaker’s exceptional Steel Art Trees.

NatureMaker artists share a collective passion that implores them to “capture” the minutiae of nature in its infinite expressions and media; transmitting the joy, innocence, serenity, flawed perfection, and sense of well-being to all who view their art.

Gary Hanick

Over the past five decades, Gary Hanick’s vision to constantly evolve NatureMaker®‘s Steel Art Trees in new and unexpected ways has been the cornerstone to the success of the company.

Hanick’s love of design and dedication to exceeding his client’s expectations has led the NatureMaker® creative team to produce ever more challenging and intricate trees, both in size and scope, while always maintaining the sensitive “eye” he developed through years spent analyzing, experimenting and discussing trends and techniques with celebrated Eco-Artists and Sculptors.

His involvement with all aspects of the project, from initial conceptual design through installation and quality control, created a foundation of passion and care that has become the hallmark of the entire NatureMaker® Studio

A graduate of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Hanick amalgamates business acumen with a great love of art.

Gary Hanick
Craig Duncan

Craig Duncan

A renowned sculptor and painter, Craig is a seasoned professional who has spent over 20 years designing and building a variety of stunning NatureMaker trees before taking over the reigns as a production manager. He understands both the science and the art behind the creation of each exquisite tree. Craig has spearheaded numerous projects for NatureMaker taking him to a variety of venues around the world. With each new experience, Craig further expands his appreciation for the broad spectrum of gifts each destination and culture has to offer.

Bruno Barreto

Joining NatureMaker one week before Craig, Bruno has consistently been the company’s finest sculptor. His passion for art and design is reflected in the perfection found in all his projects. A tree sculpture that has been “touched” by Bruno is one that fully reflects the magnificence of nature, its subtle emphasis on life’s contrasts, the sculpted expressions of nuance and singularity. A dedicated family man who finds beauty in things many take for granted, Bruno is an artist whose work signifies both the “heart” and the “art” of nature.