NatureMaker has a permanent staff of artists, certified welders, painters, sculptors, scenic artists, and craftsmen. Many of our artists have been part of the NatureMaker team for 5 – 21 years.

Such longevity allows for a wealth of experience, willingness to experiment with new technologies, and a passion for the art.

Part of the “legend” of NatureMaker is the ability of our seasoned artists and craftsmen to “pass on” both the technical and artistic dimensions of the work to a new generation, thus allowing the art to continually grow and innovate.

Gary Hanick

President & Co-Founder

Over the past three decades, Gary Hanick’s vision to constantly evolve NatureMaker’s Steel Art Trees in new and unexpected ways has been the cornerstone to the success of the company.

Hanick’s keen understanding of human nature and his love of design has led the NatureMaker creative team to produce ever more challenging and intricate trees, both in size and scope, while always maintaining the sensitive “eye” he developed through his long association with his partner, celebrated Eco-Artist Bennett Abrams.

His involvement with all aspects of the project, from initial conceptual design through installation and quality control, represents the passion and care that is the hallmark of the NatureMaker Studio.

A graduate of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Hanick amalgamates business acumen with a great love of art.


Jim Paul

Vice President, Design

Since joining NatureMaker in 1995, Jim has developed innovative methodologies to make the dream a reality.

Working with both an outside structural engineer, as well as with NatureMaker’s design team, Jim’s design expertise and sensitivity to the subject have allowed NatureMaker to grow exponentially in its scope of design, as well as in its broad international outreach.

His wealth of knowledge allows him to address all technical and structural issues relating to the design, fabrication, and installation of NatureMaker’s Steel Art Trees.                                           

Yvette Adams

Director of Finance and Operations

Yvette is responsible for the business and logistical aspects of NatureMaker. From handling finances, cost control, insurance, daily operations, purchasing of materials, shipping, and project / installation scheduling, Yvette has a hands-on understanding of the intricacies that allow each project to function smoothly.


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