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Founded in 1983, NatureMaker artificial trees are a bold synthesis of art, design, and engineering. Each tree is one-of-a-kind, and individually handcrafted to conform to architectural, structural, fire, and seismic specifications to create realistic trees.

For more than three decades, the scope, scale, and caliber of NatureMaker’s commissions has been a force in introducing nature as ambiance for cutting edge interiors. Steel Art Trees can now be seen in some of the world’s most prestigious locations, including the following:

“NatureMaker trees well represent the company’s love, passion, artistry, and skill. When one of our sculptures goes out into the world, we can only gleam the beauty, pleasure, and enjoyment it will bring to those individuals who come into contact with it. Our greatest sense of accomplishment is when we spark the imagination of a child…..or nurture a feeling of wellness and tranquility as part of its experience.”

– Gary Hanick

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Since its inception, NatureMaker has been committed to sustainable practices while creating our realistic trees.  Find out more how we can help your project on our Sustainability page.

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