Seeds of Imagination

“Naturescape” in the 21st century encompasses a broad scope of design options, including multi-story icon oak trees under historic domes; a walk-through rainforest in a tropically themed atrium; even a grove of birch trees landscaped 62 floors in the air.

Architects and planners now have the freedom to creatively incorporate the element of “nature” in their most cutting edge restaurant, hotel, library, museum exhibit, residential and theme park designs. As free-standing elements, or as “column clad” trees (designed to camouflage pillars or I-beams), NatureMaker® arboreal sculpture, when integrated into the interior landscape design, brings the outdoors in.

The old concepts of replica trees, fake plants, and small artificial trees placed in dark environments no longer apply.

Initial Consultation

NatureMaker typically consults with the architect or designer at the beginning of the building design process, so that the necessary structural supports or footings for the tree sculpture can be incorporated into the engineering of the space at the outset.

By working together early in the design and architectural process, the space planner can more effectively include NatureMaker Steel Art Trees as prominent design elements, rather than as afterthoughts. This is essential in creating environments of respite and beauty, as well as centers of education and fun.

Consult to Installation

In conceptualizing the completed installation, whether a single, six-story “hero” tree, or a “pocket forest” of aspen and maples, the designer or architect specifies the intended location and configuration of the trees; also delineating whether they are free-standing, column clad, wall mounted, or interactive. Basic considerations, such as type of tree, height, canopy diameter, and density of foliage are most easily addressed at this time.

NatureMaker’s methodology allows for the inclusion of other elements within the steel substructure of the tree, including lighting, A/V, millwork, surveillance cameras, sprinkler systems and ductwork.

Trees As Experience

Theme park designers, exhibit planners at zoos and museums, and library designers include NatureMaker Steel Art Trees as enhancements to the naturescape storytelling of their themed environments and exhibits.

A NatureMaker giant walk-though tree trunk with lighting, video screens, and other elements built into the massive interior structure has been commissioned by child development centers, libraries, museums, and nature centers. The children’s sense of awe will encourage them to linger and learn within the nurturing environment of the intricately detailed trunk.

Amusement park and casino designers have always been at the forefront of experiential naturescape design. The beauty, realism, and textural integrity of NatureMaker’s Steel Art Trees allows for a more authentic experience of nature. The design aesthetic of NatureMaker is to imbue each tree sculpture with natural imperfections such as worm holes, lightning strikes, areas of exposed wood, knot holes, areas of insect infestation and color variegations. It is the so-called “imperfections” of Nature that bring depth and life to the art.